Due to the high internal heat loads, telecommunication sites require cooling throughout the year even when outside temperatures are cold. Conventional residential and commercial air conditioners are not designed for operation below 60oF (15oC). Our units are engineered specifically for this application and have all the necessary controls, features and safeties.

Marvair manufactures the MAA, MGA and GAA Series wall-mounted air conditioners with cooling capacities of 1.5 to 10 tons in a variety of styles and configurations and high efficiency models with EERs of up to 11.75. Options include 2-Stage and variable speed compressors, hot gas reheat for dehumidification, electric resistance heat, factory installed kits for operation in extremely hot or cold climates and many more.

Our newest line of air conditioners is the MAA1036D-1060D. These models feature a "full flow economizer", a 48 VDC indoor air mover and the CoolLinks controller. The full flow economizer provides the same quantity of outside air as the unit does in mechanical cooling. The 48 VDC air mover allows the shelter to be ventilated/cooled in the event of a loss of landline power. The CoolLinks controller sequences the operation of two air conditioners to ensure the most efficient conditioning of the space and the most balanced use of HVAC units. The CoolLinks controller has eight HVAC alarms and seven shelter alarms. An Ethernet connection is also provided for a SNMP interface through which the Network Operations Center can receive traps (alarms), monitor/change cooling and heating set points, and monitor HVAC unit and system operational parameters.

To control your Marvair air conditioners, we offer a wide selection of thermostats and controllers including the CommStat 3, CommStat 4 and CommStat 6.

The External Low Noise Blower (ELNB) is a field installed condenser air hood and blower that can reduce the sound levels of air conditioners by up to 6 dbA.

In addition to our standard products, we design and build custom cooling units for specific needs. If you have unique requirements or limited space, contact us at 888-726-2734 or 229-273-3636 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (EST) or click on the Contact Us button in the top menu.