Product Announcement: Installation, StartUp/Commissioning & Preventative Maintenance Services

01 February 2024
Rob Jones

Marvair StartUp/Commissioning Service

Just as important as proper installation, each unit is started according to strict factory guidelines and thoroughly checked for performance.

  • Includes 1-Year Extended Labor Warranty (Silver Warranty)
  • Record Equipment Identification Information
  • Confirm Proper Installation
  • Verify and Record Power Supply Voltage
  • Check Heating Mode
  • Check Cooling Mode and Record Refrigerant Pressure
  • Verify Overall System Performance

The Marvair StartUp/Commissioning Service is available for all Marvair, ICE and Eubank wall-mount and classroom heat pumps and air conditioners.


No one is more qualified to properly install new Marvair, ICE and Eubank air conditioners and heat pumps than our factory trained installers.

  • Unit Mounting
  • Final Electrical Connections
  • Install and Wire Controller/Thermostat

Preventative Maintenance

Essential for longevity and maximum performance, an authorized service technician will maintain the health of any manufacturer’s HVAC equipment.

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Clear Debris & Rodent/Pest Infiltrations
  • Replace Filters
  • Inspect/Repair Damaged Wiring
  • Clean coils
  • Check all electrical connections

Service and Repair

We can service and repair any wall-mount air conditioner or heat pump from any manufacturer.

  • Any Service Needs
  • Non-Warranty Service and Repairs
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Service Calls