For over a half a century, Marvair® has been designing and manufacturing heating, cooling, and ventilating products specifically for schools throughout the country. From the beginning, we have manufactured products that have met the ever changing requirements and needs of the classroom. All Marvair heat pumps and air conditioners are self-contained packaged systems. No expensive refrigeration work is required in the field. Also, each unit is run and tested at the factory, minimizing the possibility of field problems.

Individual classroom units mean superior comfort and energy savings. Select Marvair units provide the flexibility of part-load cooling and heating and redundancy by design. When a central chiller/boiler system fails, an entire wing or school is affected. If a Marvair unit needs service, only one classroom is affected. When only a portion of the wing or school is being used, a large chiller/boiler system may have to operate the chiller at a reduced part load condition, the boiler for reheat and a large air handler. With the Marvair packaged unit, only the classroom or office being used is conditioned.

Marvair is at the forefront in designing units for quieter classrooms. Whenever you see "Quiet Zone", it is an indication that the units were designed with quiet operation as a high priority.

Marvair MAA and 8AA wall mounted heat pumps and air conditioners are some of the most economical ways to heat, cool, and ventilate site built or modular classrooms. These exterior mounted units are built in a variety of styles and configurations.

The Scholar series of heat pumps and air conditioners are designed to provide quiet, efficient cooling, heating and ventilation for classrooms in a single package. These air source units are our new Scholar 2.0 featuring a variable speed compress and a module design ease installation. Scholar units are installed inside the classroom against an exterior wall. The vertical configuration minimizes the floor space occupied by the HVAC unit. To meet fresh air requirements, a full range of ventilation options are available, including the Marvair GreenCube Energy Recovery Ventilator. All service and maintenance can be performed while the unit is in the classroom; sliding the unit away from the wall is not required. The Scholar units can be controlled by a wall mounted thermostat or interfaced with an energy management system.

The GAA Series of wall mounted air conditioners are built for operation with either natural or LP gas heat. These units are available with a complete range of ventilation options and are ideal for cold climates.

Thermostats and Controllers for Classrooms
Marvair offers a wide variety of thermostats for control of our heat pumps and air conditioners. All of our thermostats are digital - no mercury bulbs - are reliable, have easy to read LCD displays and are easy to operate. Programmable and non-programmable thermostats are offered with auto or manual changeover and 1 or 2 stage heating and cooling.


Outside air brought in to meet ventilation requirements can also raise the humidity to unacceptable levels. Keeping the humidity at acceptable levels is critical for comfort and control of potentially toxic mold and mildew. Marvair offers various solutions to controlling humidity.

  • The GreenCube ERV, is a total energy recovery ventilator. In the summer, both heat and humidity is stripped from the incoming air before it is introduced into the classroom.
  • Hot Gas Reheat Coil (HGR) When high humidity levels coincide with mild outdoor temperatures, e.g., a rainy spring day, active dehumidification is required to control humidity levels in the classroom. The HGR coil is a factory installed option that can dehumidify classroom without overcooling . For areas of the country where humidity is a year round concern, two HGR coils can be used in selected Marvair units to provide additional dehumidification.
  • Electric Reheat Electric reheat achieves the same purpose as the HGR coil, but the electric strip heaters are used to heat the air stream.


Proper ventilation with outside air is essential for good indoor air quality. To address the ASHRAE ventilation requirements, Marvair heat pumps and air conditioners are available with a number of ventilation options to best suit your climate and budget requirements.

  • PowerVent with motorized damper plus powered exhaust of inside air can provide up to 450 CFM of outside air. Separate speed control of the intake and exhaust air movers allows positive pressurization of the classroom.
  • Motorized fresh air damper provides up to 450 CFM of outside air with pressure relief.
  • Manual damper with pressure relief provides up to 450 CFM of outside air.

Demand Control Ventilation

When the GreenCube ERV or any of the motorized damper ventilation options are specified, a CO2 sensor can be used to control operation. The CO2 sensor activates the ventilation system based upon carbon dioxide levels in the classroom. This can significantly reduce the amount of outside air introduced into the classroom and save on operating costs.

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